fastDummies 1.2.0 2018-06-21

  • Adds option to exclude the most frequently observed category rather than the first category as is default. Thanks to GitHub user S-UP for the suggestion!

fastDummies 1.1.0 2018-03-03

  • Thanks to GitHub user yu45020 dummy_cols() is now about >20% faster and much more memory efficient.

  • Both dummy_cols() and dummy_rows() now return the same data type inputted
    • e.g. data.frame input returns data.frame, tibble returns tibble.
  • Fix documentation that incorrectly said default value for new dummy rows is 0. It is in fact a value of NA.

fastDummies 1.0.0 2018-01-08

  • Reduces number of parameter that were in previous version.

  • Significant speed increases for both dummy_cols() and dummy_rows() functions.

  • dummy_cols() now accepts numeric columns.